Where innovation and quality converge, defining our legacy from within!

Amidst our diverse range of product categories, we ventured into distinct brand names in different regions & markets that elevate our products, upholding quality and reputation. We have major in house brands such as Microdigit®, BD - Bluedigit®, HEATZ®, Nyork®, Orino®, Endefo®, Logan®, VOZ®, Fonecom® and so on. There are other minor brands we introduce for other products as per the requirements of particular regions in time. Our market-specific brand names, each carry the hallmark of quality and reputation.

Ashtel's Brands.

We exchange ideas & concepts, while we are proudly unveil innovative products to the world.
Ashtel's in-house brands are experts in a wide range of products spanning mobile devices, mobile accessories and spare parts, multimedia and electronics, as well as computer and computer accessories. Our collection showcases cutting-edge technology and includes high-end products such as smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds. Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of computer and mobile accessories like keyboards, speakers, and mobile chargers. For those seeking spare parts, we provide options for smartphone display spare parts and data cables, ensuring comprehensive support for various devices. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Ashtel's in-house brands cater to the diverse needs of tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. We always provide value for our client's money. Ashtel Brands strives to constantly provide the latest products to all our clients.

Authorized Distributors.

In any emerging market, as the demand for a product increases, so does the need for distributors. Our teams of dedicated distributors work hard to find quality manufacturers and help them bring their product to retail.

We are the authorized distributors of major brands such as Sandisk®, Toshiba®, Targus®, HP® PNY® Philips® Dahua® HI KVision ® Node 32, McAfee, Ravoz, Oppo, Meizu etc. Hard Drives of Toshiba®, Memory Cards and Flash USB Drives of Sandisk® and the Lifestyle Accessories of Targus ®, Philips, PNY are the major products distributed by us all over GCC.

Ashtel has some of the major smartphone brands as soul distributors in some of the GCC Countries, such are Oppo, Meizu and Ravoz. The Distribution wing of Ashtel group, is one of the largest distributors & wholesalers of Hard Drives, USB flash, Flash memory, DRAM, Computer components, Tablets, Computer accessories and many more products.

Reselling Brands.

With our extensive and longstanding business connections, we have built strong relationships with well-known international IT product brands, establishing ourselves as the reliable Premium Partners and Resellers. We hold a major share of many products of illustrious multinational brands in GCC. As we continue to grow, our aim is to assume a leadership position in the IT and technology sector across the Middle East region.