“ Don’t Find Customers for your Product. Find Products for your Customers”
– Seth Godin

Brand Distributions.

Ashtel Distribution serves as the distribution arm of the prominent Ashtel Group, renowned as one of the leading distributors of ITC (Information Technology and Communication) products in the Gulf region. Within our distribution portfolio, we proudly represent renowned brands such as Toshiba, SanDisk, Kioxia, McAfee, Philips Smartphone & IT accessories, HP, PNY, Imation, Corsair, Targus, and Dahua.
With an extensive network of resellers, we effectively distribute our brands across the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) in both channel and retail markets. Our devoted team works directly with our partners and is well versed and trained for each brand. We enable clients to achieve exceptional sales success and make a significant impact in their particular marketplaces by giving them relevant market knowledge.

Distributorship of Major Branded Products Across Gulf States!

Ashtel is an authorized distributor for several major international brands. By being an authorized distributor, Ashtel ensures that they have a direct relationship with the brands they represent and can offer genuine products to their customers.
The Distribution wing of Ashtel group, is one of the largest distributors & wholesalers of Hard Drives, USB flash, Flash memory, DRAM, Computer components, Tablets, Computer accessories and many more products.
Some of the brands we wholesale & distribute are SanDisk, Kingston, Kaspersky, Toshiba, HP, Samsung & Sony.
In addition to distributing products from major international brands, Ashtel also promotes their own in-house brands. These brands encompass a range of product categories, including IT and telecommunication products, CCTV and security camera solutions, high-end lifestyle products, and industrial safety products.
By offering a diverse range of products, including those from major international brands and their own in-house brands, Ashtel aims to provide customers with a a wide choice of trustworthy and high-quality options across numerous product categories, To explore our comprehensive portfolio of products and witness their popularity, we invite you of offerings we have at