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Being a leading provider of IT, Communications and Electronic products, we have a vast experience in the middle-east, providing services in different divisions of wholesale supply in the market. Currently our category of divisions vary from IT products, Consumer Electronics, Multimedia, Gaming and Entertainment products, Fancy & Hair Accessories, Industrial Tools & Safety Products etc.


Radiating integrity via perfection.

We operate through three major business segments: Royal Home Series - for Home Appliances, Multimedia Entertainment Products and Information Technology Products. Ashtel plays a great role in providing latest developed products with maximum quality & perfection at affordable pricing to the middle east markets. We intend to extend our market base to Central Asia and Africa as well to provide adequate solutions in Consumer electronics industry with products of regional interests.


Bringing You the Best!

We partner with all the major IT branded Products such as Intel, LG, Toshiba, WD, Panasonic, Philips, HP, Sony and many more….to provide an expanding suite of products with easy accessibility. The world of IT can be daunting and frustrating at times, but we are here to help make life easier by providing unique products and support. It does not matter if the customer is smaller or bigger in terms of business, we make sure to find the ultimate solution from our wide network and capacity to bring in the best services. Our robust team, work tirelessly to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest technological products and are equipped to source & present only the best in industry standards!

Our Services.

Ashtel bgReal Estate.

Ethics in business is what we promise. With an eye on quality service, the Ashtel Group is promises to benefit you by extending support in any of your business needs.

Ashtel bgAdvertising and Marketing.

For any businesses to outreach to their customers, all they need is proper advertising. With adequate & unique advertising techniques, Ashtel Group offers a limitless world of opportunities to boost your business.

Ashtel bgSmart Home Products.

As we’re inching closer to a fully automated living environment, with immense futuristic vision and keen observance of detail, Ashtel bring you a complete Home automation system.

AshtelInterior Designing.

Like the statement; “home is where the heart is”, we design your dream space with extreme care and as you desire.

AshtelGraphic Designing.

We believe art can change the way one looks at anything! With simple yet exceptional designing we can bring in a change on how people view your business or firm.

AshtelEasy care Technical Services.

Trust us in what we do…Since we do it better than none! Facilitating minute care through Easy care services, we bring the best of repair & services in resolving issues with your gadgets.

1800+ Employees.

Our locations are easily accessible at all major cities of Middle-East, Asia, Far-East and North America.

150+ Locations.

Ashtel’s products are widely available at more than 131 Locations, across the globe in 17 countries. With an aim to further extend our service, vivid plans for new brand partners, locations, showrooms , retail outlets for product and brand availability has been charted at specific business locations in Middle East and Far East countries.


We have our Warehouse is set-up in over 80 locations and four Major sourcing locations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.









We Make Your Dream.

Ashtel Group is notable for being a multi-channel Marketing, Distribution & Advertising service providing E-Commerce Company in and around the Middle-East. Our team is always on the most enthusiastic & creative pedestal, striving to helping you making your dream a reality ! Bringing you the adequate solutions in Consumer Electronics & Products of regional interests.