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Ashtel Group - Since 2003!

Ashtel is the realization of a group of companies engaged with unparalleled service in the world of Electronics, IT and Communication products. Established in the year 2003 with principal office in Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Ashtel Group has grown to be a true Multinational Company in less than a decade.

Ashtel's in house brands such as Bluedigit®, Microdigit®, Komy® and Fonecom® enabled us to reach many regions of the world. Our clients span spread from Middle East, Far East, Asia, Africa to North America.

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Creativity, innovation and quality are the key principles of our business that enable our brand widely recognized.


Ashtel Group endures on a commitment to the future, welcoming the next generation solutions in electronics and communication. Looking forward into the posterity to gratify the present needs. The group impels towards being a leading provider of innovative products in the Middle East and Asian markets in the next 10 years. Your need for a superior solution remains our driving force.

Creativity in product development. Latest Technological Innovations. Finest quality products.


Ashtel Group is dedicated to endow you with ahead of its time and pioneering electronics and consumer products throughout the world. We offer the best option to an end user with a steered support to obtain the best possible solution for your desires. With over 90 locations, we give you products that meets your daily needs. With us... you get the best.

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We Build-up our infrastructure, with Confidence as the key for foundation.

Basic Infrastructure:

  • More than 90 branches many warehouses spread across the globe.
  • R D and QC departments based in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • High quality private labels.
  • Logistic support to anywhere in the world.
  • Highly trained technical staff to support customer concerns.

The last year Turnover is 480 Million US Dollar ( Year 2018 ).

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Yearly Business Turnover.


Ashtel's growth has been a discussion between our competitors in the market from 2006 onwards. And it has been in a peek at the rough business situation of 2012 while most of the competitors either reduce to low productiveness or faced shutdown. Our innovative thoughts and optimism made us stand out and explore opportunities at its best. Our Yearly turn over graph shows the level of steady growth we achieve every year.

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We exchange ideas & concepts, while we introduce new products every time!

Specialized Product Line

We have a wide range of products in various categories under different brands. Currently, our product range includes,

Mobiles, Mobile Accessories & Spares

Our brand BD™, Microdigit&Reg;, Fonecom® and All other multinational brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericson, HTC, Oppo, LG etc. Mobile Cases, Mobile LCDs, Batteries, Bluetooths, Housings, Chargers, Data Cables, Connectors, Ear Phones, etc.

Computers, Computer Accessories & Spares

Tablet Pcs, MIDs, Laptops, Desktop PCs, Body Cases, DDRs, Processors, LCD Monitors, Hard-Disks and Enclosures, Laptop Accessories, Cables, Mother Boards, Headsets, Keyboards, Computer Mice and Laptop LCDs, Laptop Batteries, Adapters etc.

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Over 90 Branches through out the world.

Ashtel has more than 90 Branches, showrooms and warehouses spread across the globe in 17 countries. More new showrooms and retail oulets are already planned in Malls and specific business locations in Middle East and Far east countries.

Wholesale Showrooms

There are 57 wholesale showrooms in Middle-east, 16 wholesale branches in Fareast .

Retail Showrooms

7 Retail Showrooms and Outlets in Gulf and Far East region.

Distribution Centres

We have 5 Distribution Centeres in Middle East.

Sourcing Branches

Shenzhen, Guangzhou, HongKong, Taiwan